Experience and Expertise

Nina’s timely and detailed edits on my work honed in on my strengths and lifted my weaknesses. She’s my grammar guru. Her insights helped shape my sometimes stuttering narratives into work I am proud of today. Nina’s feedback on my writing rooted in her experience, expertise and love of writing continue to make me a…

Offers Support

The edits and suggestions that Nina gave me for my work of fiction were well-considered and helpful in raising the register of the piece.  While she offered support with mechanics she also gave me insight into the reader’s response.  We conversed efficiently and effectively about word choice, motive, and theme as the need arose, and my…

Detailed and Specific

Nina’s feedback on my writing has always been helpful. Her style is warm and supportive, but her constructive advice is clear, detailed, and specific. Whether I had written poetry, fiction, or non-fiction essays, she was able to offer intelligent and honest suggestions that made my pieces better. Her organization and communication skills are excellent.